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Everyday Travel Bags

Our Traveller's Bag is designed to be adjusted, detached and assembled to suit the demands of everyday travel in your busy, working life.

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Tired of carrying multiple bags for every occasion?

So are we. That is why we are on the quest of designing the most versatile bags we have ever dreamt of. Our debut to this quest is the Traveller's Bag: a day to night, gym to evening bag. Composed of multiple bags in 1, our Traveller's Bag is designed to be assembled and detached in 2 or 3 independent bags, with the purpose of accommodating for the demands of our day-to-day activities.

Adjusting our Traveller's Bag

Each bag is made from premium quality leather and light weight, high performance neoprene mesh. Measuring 40cm in total width, its composition will make it durable and extremely lightweight, weighing under 500 grams. 

We use the highest quality hardware on our bags. Each of our Traveller's Bags also features a central, gold-plated jewellery clasp that is hand-made in our studio, elevating it from an everyday accessory to a luxury essential.

Each bag is made to be adjustable in every way. It can be detached and reconfigured to carry your load while you transition between your daily tasks.

UFO Backpack - Midnight UFO Backpack-Noir Traveller's Bag Navy Traveller's Bag Gold Traveller's Bag Black