In The Stars Necklace

In The Stars Necklace

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  • Combination of sterling silver and rose gold plated silver chain 
  • Feature stone is andalusite 
  • Chain length is approximately 45 cm. Pendant size is approximately 2.5cm diameter
  • Chain style may vary depending on availability


Can be worn as a statement piece or combined with other necklaces. The combination of metals makes this piece versatile enough to be layered with other precious metals.


This necklace embodies your unique sign amongst others in the astrological calendar.

Honouring the artisan approach, the piece is hand-made and hand-polished - a process that involves sourcing quality materials, moulding, casting, assembling and finishing the piece before it adorns you. All of our jewellery is made to order here in Sydney, Australia and production time can take up to 2 weeks.

For custom enquiries on specific stone or metal combinations, please email us at